DEW Line Passage: Tracing the Legacies of Arctic Militarization

A multi-season (2008, '09) voyage along the western Arctic coast by sailing canoe
to explore the cultural and environmental history of the Cold War's northermost 'distant early warning' radar outposts.

Update Year II: October, 2009: The team made it from Barrow to Peard Bay and to Wainwright, waited for good weather to continue along
the coast to Point Lay but ended up flying (over the largely frozen lagoon). Coming soon: pages on Point Lay and whaling back in Barrow.



Contact Stacey & Ryan at
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Cell: 907-699-7827

PO Box 84997
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DEW Line Passage 2008 Route Map

DEW Line Passage Project Summary

Passage Updates and Pictures

Distant Early Warning Line information

Expedition Members:

Anthropology PhD Candidate Stacey Fritz

Expedition Leader Ryan Tinsley

Funding & Sponsors:
* Department of Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)
* Center for Global Change, UAF
* Arctic Institute of North America
* National Science Foundation (2008)
* Support from Alaska EPSCoR NSF award #EPS-0701898 and the state of Alaska
* Mountain Sports (Fairbanks, John Beers)


Kruger Cruiser tandem expedition canoe

Balogh Sail Designs
BATWING Sails & BOSS Outriggers

Zaveral Racing Equipment

Watershed Dry Bags